What happens if Trump Wins in a LANDSLIDE?

HEY - NOTE I am neither a Trump fan nor Biden fan. I HATE POLITICS.

However, This is what we see everywhere, even in my blue state NJ these days.. and it's looking like 2016 all over again, the new WOKE is on the right.

Trump Everywhere

NOTICE WHATS holding the gas tank shut. Yes, that’s called the tape of evolution and adaptability.

What people are not counting on is the intelligence of America to understand that we are not going to sacrifice personal liberties based on science. If that were the case, people would all be hiding in our house afraid to even drive a car. YES, YOUR CHANCE OF DYING IN A CAR ACCIDENT IS HIGHER THAN COVID. What people are not paying attention to is that the general public is made up of adults, not rioting children. Yes, adults recognize what is really happening and that is that the political landscape is driving a completely different narrative than the factual events. An adult realizes that these times will pass and by the summer next year this will be all be fading and we will understand the ramifications of shutdowns. If you really look at this in totality, and you look at the death rate across the country for all of us, it's relatively interesting that Heart disease: 647,457 carries the main blow to society. Perhaps if we were concentrating on ADAPTING to being healthy, losing weight, and exercising, we would actually bring all the numbers down for covid faster.

Adapting to Healthy “culture” is the tape on our open covid gas tank.

For covid, it's obvious the issue is not about getting the disease, it about fitness.

And using Clinical Frailty Scale scores of 1 (very fit) to 9 (terminally ill), 16% of patients with a score of less than 5 died, 42% of patients with a score of 5 died, 67% of patients with a score of 6 died, 82% of patients with score of 7 and 8 died, and 100% of patients with a score of 9 died. Death-certificate data show that about 94% of records of confirmed or presumed Covid-19 cases also list other conditions and causes, while 6% list only Covid-19 as the cause of death, according to the CDC. But some of the other listed conditions are ailments caused by Covid-19, like pneumonia and respiratory failure.

The hardest pill to swallow is reality, 2% of our population are over 85, yet they have suffered almost a third of all COVID-19 deaths. The bottom line is that an American over 84 has had 131 times the probability of dying as someone under 55. Almost exactly as many under 55’s have died from pneumonia as COVID-19.

80% of covid deaths are age 65 or older.

So if Trump wins in a landslide, since we know his agenda is to move to a more “herd Immunity” model. Maybe we should instead, of forcing people to wear masks, Maybe we force society to have “herd health” mandates.

Imagine if we had a “Heart Disease” Crisis where it killed 200,000 people a year. Oh, it kills only 650,000 PEOPLE a year, no biggie.


Trump wanted a national policy with the economy open. The governors pointed out correctly that he does not have that authority. The governors closed the economies and the democratic governors still have most of their economies closed. When that did not work (cases still going up), they blamed Trump for not having a national policy.

Like any virus, there are groups more susceptible than others, primarily extreme elderly in extended care facilities and those with underlying issues. It’s not going to change. Ever. NO POLICY WILL EVER WORK. 76% of people who claim they always wear masks are getting infected.

When we stop trying to push unavoidable consequences as “policy” and actually mature as adults and look at this calmly will we ever realize that this blip is just evolution, and vaccines will help, but not cure all.. Like H1N1 this is now part of our biology.

So what happens if Trump wins?

After the election, we will see that after the election the economy will open back up again and things will improve. The policy will be to push for vaccines, open schools, open the country will be pushed into the narrative.

So- Life is to be lived by the living and the world must carry on and our collective health “each individual” will need to learn resilience and fortitude by soldering on, not cowering in place awaiting an answer.

If your life gas tank won't shut, tape it shut with healthy exercise and eating the right food that got us here in the first place. Be a 1 on the scale of fitness, and watch out for that oncoming car.

Darwin Proved this.

Diasours don't wear masks, either.

Evolve or die?